7 Unusual Phobias You Probably Wouldn’t Know Exist!

7 Unusual Phobias You Probably Wouldn’t Know Exist!

We all are scared of something or the other. Scared of death, scared of responsibilities, scared of losing someone. Every fear has a specific term for it. For example, the fear of darkness is called Nyctophobia and the fear of falling is called Basiphobia, but there are some unusual phobias you would be surprised to know. Let’s look at some of those:


By wsilver (Flickr: Balloons huey) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By wsilver (Flickr: Balloons huey) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You know what Globophobia is? It’s the fear of balloons! Who would have thought that there would be a ‘fear’ of balloons ! Sounds definitely unusual, isn’t it?




Although most of you would know that many people are scared of spiders, this phobia affects women four times more than it does to men! Around 48% of the women around the world are scared of spiders!



By Lukasz Nowak (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Lukasz Nowak (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Trypophobia is the fear of holes. It might sound usual but it is a common fear observed in many people. They are afraid of tiny holes and not the big ones.



By Blake Bowker and Laura Rhodes (Sent to me personally; available on Facebook) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
By Blake Bowker and Laura Rhodes (Sent to me personally; available on Facebook) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

People all over the world loved to eat chicken, and then there are people who are afraid of chickens! Jokes apart, Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens, where the patient fears to even see the chickens around it. Get an IP Address Management Software for the best performance of your server.


Flickr/ Kevin B 3
Flickr/ Kevin B 3


No, no, no! I have not just put up any combination of letters and presented it as a phobia to you. This is in fact a real term used for the people who are afraid of using long words!


By Edwin Dalorzo (http://www.flickr.com/photos/edalorzo/2749827319) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Edwin Dalorzo (http://www.flickr.com/photos/edalorzo/2749827319) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Did you ever imagine that the sweet little butterflies around you can be a reason to someone’s fear? Lepidopterophobia is the fear of butterflies! Sounds crazy, right?



By Mark Pilgrim
By Mark Pilgrim


Podophobia is the fear of feet. If you are suffering from Podophobia, you might even fear looking at your own feet! It is derived from the Greek word ‘Podos’ meaning feet.

Simple DIY Magnesium Chloride Lotion At Home

Simple DIY Magnesium Chloride Lotion At Home

Magnesium Chloride has plenty of benefits and is gaining a lot of popularity these days. In addition to all health benefits of magnesium chloride, it also has beauty benefits. Lotion made out of magnesium chloride can act as a good moisturizer, keeping skin healthy, hydrated and making it extremely soft.

The ingredients required to make this lotion are few in number – Magnesium chloride flakes, boiling water and shea butter.

Magnesium Chloride can be purchased from magnesium chloride suppliers who sell it in different forms. These flakes are readily available and can be purchased easily.

The first step is to take half a cup of magnesium chloride flakes. Boil distilled water separately and once it is boiled, pour three to four spoons of the distilled water on the cup holding the magnesium chloride flakes.


Stir until the magnesium chloride flakes dissolve completely in the distilled water. The magnesium chloride dissolves quickly and does not require prolonged stirring in order to melt.

Once, this is done and you have your magnesium chloride flakes in the form of a liquid, add half cup of raw shea butter to the mixture.

Using raw shea butter is better because it does not contain the chemicals that refined shea butter has and also, smells natural and better.

Image Source: Vickie Gould Health Coach and Master Herbalist


Blend it well using a hand or stick blender, whichever is comfortable and available for you. Blend the mixture well until it turns fluffy and lotion-like and once the right texture of the lotion is obtained, carefully store the lotion in jars so that you can use it for weeks.

An important point to note is that this magnesium chloride lotion might sting if you have wounds or if your skin is extremely dry. This is common and there is no need to panic. However, if you feel that it stings much more than you can tolerate, avoid using the lotion till your skin heals completely.

This lotion can also be prepared without adding the shea butter. Magnesium flakes can just be dissolved in water and applied as a moisturizer on your skin, but it stings more. Also, without the shea butter, it is just called magnesium oil, though it does not resemble an oil.

Apply the lotion on your hands, feet and any part of your skin that you want to moisturize and leave it on the whole night. You’ll definitely wake up to skin that is soft and moisturized.

Watch the video to learn how to make magnesium chloride lotion at home step by step:

Is Hypnotism Real? Hard Facts Inside!

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Is Hypnotism Real? Hard Facts Inside!

A mental state which, over centuries, has been leaving people curious and unanswered is hypnotism. Being one of the most interesting and mysterious subjects, hypnotism is yet to be discovered completely. What does pop up in your mind when you hear the word ‘hypnotism’? Hypnotism readily pictures in our mind a stage where a hypnotist plays with the mind of his subject and the subject does whatever he is asked to do.

However, this is scientifically not possible. Science has an entirely different explanation for hypnotism. Hypnosis is a mental state of relaxation, highly concentration, extreme suggestibility and heightened imagination. There are numerous myths related to hypnotism. Let’s dispel some of them.

Is It Real?


Hypnotism is real and it is very common in daily life. However, we barely feel being hypnotized because we are unaware of what actually the hypnosis is. Some of the common instances of hypnotism are when we watch television, read interesting magazines and novels, drive our car in highways, think deeply, etc. We are self hypnotized in these instances. At the time of self hypnotized if someone suggests you something you readily believe him or feel it in your body.

Do We Sleep While Being Hypnotized?


No, we don’t actually sleep. Our conscious mind goes in a short relaxed state or sleeps. Conscious mind is that part of our brain which argues, judges or respond reasonably to anything. If this part sleeps there would be nothing to assist our unconscious mind. Hence, resulting in execution of all the suggestions given to the subject by hypnotist.

Hypnotists Suggest not Order..


In those entertaining shows, it is shown that whatever hypnotists order the subject does accordingly. However, he doesn’t order you. Those are mere suggestions which the subject without arguing does as his conscious mind sleeps at that moment.

Awareness While Being Hypnotized

Via Aaron Brown
Via Aaron Brown

Many of you have this query and the answer is yes! We are aware that its mere imagination. Science says that we are like pretending to be totally unaware just like a kid does. However, we are always aware of what is happening. Sleeping of conscious mind makes us respond to less stimuli around us. Real Estate CRM Software keeps you aware of things happening in the real estate industry.

We Feel What We Imagine!

Via Tim Pierce
Via Tim Pierce

If the hypnotist suggests that you are having a chocolate cake right now, then the subject feels the taste of the cake. His body starts secreting saliva in mouth. If he says you are in a scary villa then the subject starts having goosebumps in his body. Even he starts panicking and the movement of his body is easily recognizable.

DNS Name Resolution: Explained

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DNS Name Resolution: Explained

Surfing on the internet can be a lot harder and complicated than it currently is. A lot of processes go into making sure that our experience on the web is both safe and convenient. The basis of each of these processes is the DNS as it is the first line of defense against all the attacks we are prone to while surfing on the internet through DNS Firewall protection and also making web search a comfortable experience.

DNS Resolution

As end users, what we don’t often realise is that a lot of the things that we consider easy, the computer finds useless. So, as easy as it might be for us to do a web search by just typing in the domain name, it is not a very useful way for the computer to connect us to the web. The computer needs the IP address of the website we are trying to connect to and for this purpose, DNS exists. DNS name resolution is how a domain name is actually mapped to an IP address by a client.

Step 1

In terms of DNS, our computer is a client which issues the request for a web search; say www.facebook.com, in the form of a lookup and the DNS server is what answers the request in the form of a response. So in order to perform any kind of lookup, the computer contacts the closest DNS server (ISP/LAN/office network).The client computer is configured (automatically/manually) in such a way that it knows the IP address of the closest DNS server. So normally the computer would contact the ISP which has a DNS server which acts on our behalf to do DNS lookups for us called recursive name query.

Step 2

When we ask the ISP for the IP address of the domain, there is a fair chance that its DNS server has encountered it for the first time. So, the ISP contacts the DNS root zone and forwards our request to it. This query being outside the zone of the root server, the root server will instruct the ISP to forward the Top level Domain (TLD) server.

Step 3

The TLD server is not aware about the location of  “www” but knows where to find  “facebook.com”. It will then instruct the ISP to proceed to the second-level  DNS server which is in fact the local server of “www.facebook.com”.

Step 4

This is the final step where the ISP contacts the local server of the website we are trying to reach and obtains the IP address of that website for mapping. After receiving this information, the ISP server will cache it for future reference and respond to the client with the IP address of the website.

Thus a web search which might seem an easy process to us on the face of it is in reality a complicated process which requires multiple steps to be undertaken in order for it to function.

Now, in order to ensure that the safe of our web experience is not compromised, it is important that we safeguard ourselves against the numerous hackers on the internet who may be trying to access our personal data for malicious purposes. The first step to this would be to obtain a DNS firewall .It monitors our online activities and ensures that each transaction of data we have on the internet is with a trusted party in a secure environment.

The internet is an amazing place with a lot of benefits and tools to make our life easier. If we can protect ourselves from the threats out there, it can truly change our lives for the better.

6 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Massage Therapy

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6 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Massage Therapy

We all look forward to our massage appointments and expect to feel completely relaxed and fresh when it is done. We expect massages to magically make us forget all our work-pressure and stress and give us a feeling like we’ve just returned from a long vacation. While most of the times, a massage therapy ends up making you feel exactly this way, there are some times when you feel like you didn’t really get your money’s worth.

So, why do some people enjoy massage therapies better? And how do you make sure you have an amazing experience as well?

Here are some tips that can help you make the most of your massage therapy.

1. Show Up A Little Earlier Than Your Appointment

Though the common notion is that all you have to do to feel relaxed after a massage therapy is to show up and relax, the chances of you relaxing are quite small if you arrive late and in a rush. If you arrive a little before your appointment, you have time to stay calm and relax yourself better. This way, when your massage actually begins, you’re already in a relaxed state and you’re ready to get the most of your massage.

2. Do Not Eat Before A Massage

It is advisable not to eat just before you head to your massage appointment. Eating 90 minutes prior to your massage and taking a light meal will better your chances of having a great experience. Your meals should be digested before your massage begins and this is not really something weird. This is the same thing you would do in case you decide to go swimming or to the gym.

3. Talk To The Therapist About Your Allergies and Health Issues

You may be allergic to some oils or have specific pain areas where you would like the therapist to give extra attention. There is no way the therapist would know all this if you don’t inform this before the massage begins. You can talk to your therapist about your concerns and tell them about your health issues, if any.

4. Let The Therapist Know Your Likes And Dislikes

Not all people like the same things. Some would like to chat with the therapist during the massage while some would like to keep it quiet. If you want music to be played during your massage, let the therapist know that and also, about your preferences. This will make your over-all experience relaxing and according to your liking.

5. Be In Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort is important. Only remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with. In case you decide not to remove your clothing, make sure you wear clothes that will be easy for the therapist to do her job. Wearing a tight tee-shirt and refusing to remove it does not make much sense and the only one who is going to lose the benefit of the massage is you. Therapists at massage therapy Oakville are very professional when it comes to being friendly.

6. Get A Massage Regularly

The benefits of a massage are cumulative and its effectiveness increases with time. Make sure you don’t make massages a one-time thing, but schedule massages regularly in order to get maximum benefits.

Massage therapy Oakville has some of the best therapists to make sure you find the experience totally worth your while. Hope you have a great experience in your next massage!

Indoor Navigation And Drones To Be Used In Apple Maps

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Indoor Navigation And Drones To Be Used In Apple Maps

When Google launched Google Maps in 2005, everyone was amazed. This was some cutting edge technological development. I mean, you didn’t have to have a hardcopy of a map and a person on shotgun anymore. Here was an application that can give you voice instructions in your car or in your mobile, to the point where it will accurately tell you if you should take the next left or right.

And then, indoor navigation came into place. When this gradually started gaining popularity, people were relieved because they can now navigate inside malls and other government buildings or hospital buildings with ease.

So, Google continues to keep amazing its customers and the other big players were naturally beginning to feel like they should catch up. As a result, Apple, the biggest competitor of Google, decided to take indoor navigation to the next level. In contrast to the Google maps in Android phones, they have launched Apple Maps.

The recent update from the technology development side is that Apple has instructed its team of technology experts to use drones to make indoor navigation better and to update map information effectively.

By combining robotics with data collection, the maps will have more accurate and updated information. Real-time data about traffics and congestion can be obtained and updated in the app with ease, giving customers more accurate information.

Nowadays, all other applications like applications for booking cabs, travel-related apps, etc use map services, the level of accuracy in our mapping applications are now more crucial than ever. By using drones that will fly across the city and gather data, we are extending the now road-only features of our mapping applications to the skies as well!

Additionally, it can also spot street signs and identify areas under construction or areas that are not accessible due to weather conditions and inform the user. Road changes can be tracked and monitored and this can help prevent road accidents to some extent.

This new upgrade is expected to come out in 2017 and revolutionize how we navigate. Apple has hired data collection and robotics experts and also acquired permission to fly drones across the city.

The only major obstacle Apple might face is flying the drones across the city. Flying a drone over hundreds and thousands of people and buildings cannot be achieved easily. There are so many things to consider and there is also the question of whether people are going to like having drones flying over their heads.

Ultimately, everything is for the benefit of the customer. Apple has decided to change how the world navigates and if drones are the way to achieve that, let’s welcome the change and see what this one is like! So, will Apple beat Google, who’s leading in the Maps area for quite some years now? Let’s wait and watch!

Make Your Real Estate Salesforce Better Using CRM

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Make Your Real Estate Salesforce Better Using CRM

Real-Estate is a market which is rapidly growing. Unless you are equipped with updated technology and strategies, it’s definitely difficult to stay successful in this business. Most companies these days are training their agents and encouraging them to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to service their customers better and to secure repeat sales. This has found to significantly increase business and customer satisfaction.

Within a company, we find that some real-estate agents perform better than the others. They are able to get more customers and are always the star performers. On analyzing what makes them better, a study found out that these employees are the ones who made the maximum use of Real Estate CRM software. They were found to use CRM and other technologies six times more than the others who weren’t as competent as them. Using CRM was also found to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Making your employees tech-savvy and increasingly educated and updated about what’s really happening and what the competitors are using can definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

Everyone wants to do well in their job and also, would love it if it was made easier for them. Well, a CRM just does that.

In addition to helping them make sales, it also makes their work easier by storing their contacts, reminders, etc. Who wouldn’t want to utilize software like this to make everything better and easier?

When your services to a customer are personalized, they get the feeling that you pay special attention to them and the chances of them making a purchase from you than from the others is high. A CRM helps you store information about a customer like the kind of neighbourhood they want, their likes, budget, etc.

Calling a customer and telling them about a prospective house which has according to their desire and filling all their important interests is much better than showing them plenty of houses that is not according to their needs.

By storing even the tiniest of details about the customer’s interest, CRM helps you remember just what they want and track if any opening is up.

Also, once you’re done with the customer, CRM helps you stay in touch with them. By storing the names of their kids and birthdays, you can occasionally make calls to wish them. This ensures that you’re always on their mind when they think of real estate agents and the chances of them referring you to friends and family are really high.

Tasks and workflows can also be automated. Mails wishing the customers on their birthdays need not be seen as an additional work, but can be automated. Your CRM can look through your database and mail everyone according to the occasion. This can be a time-consuming task, if it has to be done manually, especially when you have a large number of customers.

Real Estate CRM Software makes professionals perform better. It is what everyone out there is using in order to equip them better and making maximum use of this can benefit the customer, the employee and the company as well.

How Efficient Are Small Cash Loans With Bad Credit Scores?

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How Efficient Are Small Cash Loans With Bad Credit Scores?

Despite best efforts, everyone has months where you just can’t seem to make the ends meet. You are falling behind on rent, or school fees or your mortgage and there is just no way tide this over till you get the next paycheck. A small loan at such a time is usually the only option. However for many of us, even that avenue of hope is closed when you have a bad credit score.

Luckily, the interest provides a simple way out of this conundrum – using quick cash loans online.

What are quick cash loans?

Quick cash loans, or payday loans are loans of small sums that can be availed online. It is a relatively young industry. The first companies issuing these loans emerged back in the ‘90s. It consists of money lenders approving relatively small amounts of money as loan for a short time period. The loan is issued without any collateral and is provided to the borrower with minimum fuss. Cursory background checks are carried out to determine if the borrower can pay back the money eventually, but in general, they are a far cry from the lengthy process that one must undergo.

How does loan with a bad credit work?

A bad credit history would usually mean that you will be turned away from most financial institutions. While there are ways to improve your credit history, those take time and money, which you don’t currently have. Quick cash loans however, do not check your credit file. Instead, they judge your ability to repay the loan based on your current financial situations. You will be asked to provide read-only access to your bank statements and also current income, either from your job or other sources such as Government benefits or pension plans.

If your current fiscal situation is secure, your loan will be approved irrespective of what your previous behavior may have been in regards to loan repayment. Usually, online firms will take a few hours to review your application and a deposit will be made to your account by the end of the day.

However, since quick cash loans are so easy to get, there a few pit falls a lot of people forget about. Some essential tips to keep in mind while applying for this type of loan are:

Don’t apply for a loan you can’t afford

While you might be in a tight spot, it’s not a good idea to always apply for loans to ease the way. Quick cash loans have a high APR which means that you would have to payback a sum considerably more than what you borrowed. If you can’t afford to pay it back, you may be liable for fines.

Avoid multiple applications

Even though these loans don’t check your credit history, they still affect your credit rating. Applying for multiple small loans too close to each other would further worsen your credit score. Thus, when you need a large loan, there will be tremendous negative repercussions.

Be wary of hidden fees

32 out of 50 US states have no cap on APR for payday loans. Thus you should research the firm of your choice closely to make sure there aren’t additional charges you are missing.

Consider if you really need the loan

Even though there is no collateral, a lender can still sue you if you fail to repay a loan. Before signing the agreement be very sure if you want the loan. There will no avenue to regret.

If you have considered all things, quick cash loans are an easy fix to bad credit scores. They are fast, easy and have a low rate of rejections. If you are in a fix and have no way out, these loans will be your savior in a heartbeat.

7 Warning Signals That You Are Due A Roof Repair

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7 Warning Signals That You Are Due A Roof Repair

One of the first things you learn as a homeowner is that it far from the idyllic dream you had. You have to deal with a myriad of problems, from bug infestations to damaged floors, leaky plumbing to collapsing roofs. Fixing the issues as they crop up not only eats away at your budget, but also your precious time in your home. Wouldn’t it be best if you can spot an issue before it becomes a problem? Well, you can. Toronto roofing tells you of 7 warning signs that mean you need to fix your roof.

1. Age
While it may seem that your roof is fine, sometimes problems can crop up beneath the woodworks. In general, a roof lasts at most 20-25 years.  If your roof is reaching the end of its predetermined lifecycle, it’s best to have a look at it.

2. State of Shingles and Granules
Curled or bucking shingles are another sign that your roof is not in its best condition. Missing shingles are also a definite alert. Take a look at the slopes that get direct sunlight. If you notice discrepancy in your shingles, you should contact a roofing contractor.

3. Roof Valleys
Valleys are a vital part of your roof. Snow and rain flow through the valleys and drain into gutters. Thus if the valley is damaged, the elements will have no place to go and will only burden the roof. Moisture will seep into the shingles and it will only be a short time till you have to deal with a leaky roof.

4. Neighbors
A lot of the time, houses in the same locality are usually built around the same time and experience same weather conditions. As a result, they usually they have the same lifespan and problems start occurring around the same time. If most of your neighbours are getting work done on their roofs, it may be a sign that yours needs attention as well.

5. Moss Growth
Moss grows on roof surfaces that don’t get much sunlight. A cool, moist climate is especially conducive to moss growth. This can be particularly harmful since moss can store moisture. Over time, especially in rainy or freezing climates, this can damage the granules on the top of the shingles. You can brush moss off, but that won’t prevent it from growing again. Thus special care must be taken if you notice moss on your roof.

6. Dark Streaks
Dark streaks on roof decks may be caused by airborne algae. While this might not harm the roofing, sometimes algae growth leads to an increase in vegetation growth and, consequently, retention of moisture. This can cause the roof surface to be damaged, especially in rainy or freezing climates.

7. Spots of Outside Light
If you’re at home and look up and can spot daylight through your roof, that is a sure sign of roof damage. Light shining through even the smallest gap means that the layers of your roof have eroded away, or shingles are missing and you need to get it repaired immediately. Waiting will only cause the gap to widen, the result of which will be large leaks and irreparable damage.

Spotting problems in your roof structure is easy if you only keep an eye out for it. By being pro-active in protecting your home, you can save not only your hard-earned money, but also forgo on dealing with the all the hassles that come with replacing your roof.

5 Tested and Proven Ways to Drastically Improve Your CRM

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5 Tested and Proven Ways to Drastically Improve Your CRM

CRM software upkeep the mechanization of many business practices and morals. It is a class of management software that shields a wide arrangement of uses and programming computed to help organizations oversee client information and client collaboration, access business confirmations, industrialize deals, advertising, and client bolster and furthermore oversee representative, merchant, and accomplice connections.

Nothing comes cheap in this innovation-driven world that we live in. Associations keep running on the preface of advantage and customers can’t manage without subjective organization. Additionally, those two will pay as much as required for the quality of service rendered and benefits accumulated. Which is why, it is obviously simple to control administrations, benefactor grievance administration, and data organization and also robotize arrangements, publicizing, and system support.

To help you to manage such CRM paraphernalia, here are 5 ways to improve your CRM:


The first and the premier thing that you ought to utilize your CRM for is to gather, store and monitor the individual subtle elements of your clients. At the end of the day, your Best CRM for Real Estate ought to be utilized for not just putting away the business history and the contact points of interest of any client; it ought to likewise be utilized to spare the individual data of your clients also. Such individual data of the client, for the most part, incorporates his/her birthday, interests and social records.

Doing this will give you a more profound comprehension of your client as an individual, and this understanding will without a doubt help you over the long haul similarly as making a strong impression of your association and pitching the correct message by means of the correct correspondence channel.


Picture this: Your item is in beta or your eatery is going to open, and you’re psyched that this la-la-land thought is working out as intended. Be that as it may, before you open the conduits, you need input from early clients, so you let them in for an early test-drive. Regardless of whether it’s opening day or four years in, you have to understand that not all input will be decent, but rather that doesn’t mean it’s not essential. Using these, your CRM for real estate can bypass multiple hurdles at once.


Make the Best CRM for Real Estate  simple to use for your inner clients, your representatives by modifying it to your workers and giving them a chance to alter which messages, drives, openings, offers, cases and tasks they need to see and utilize at whatever time without entangled inquiries. All the business reps and marketing professionals must have the capacity to modify organizations, contacts, drives, openings, offers and clients to each other additionally client administration and help work area representatives must have the capacity to takes an interest in the group


Enormous information frequently incorporates data assembled from numerous channels, considering better knowledge into what clients as of now need and may need later on. As per ZDNet, enormous information was instrumental in crossing recuperation from its close passing in the mid-2000s. Marketing and innovation (IT) need to meet up. Your CRM must bolster that showcasing and innovation can meet up in the innovation and execution layers.


Every employee or PR rep must have synced up schedules with the CRM system. It is of vital significance that all your to-do lists and meet-ups can be put together in one place and be re-arranged as and when required with adequate information to all parties.

By following these simple methods, you can get your CRM to deliver maximum productivity.